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Dryer Vent Problems

Updated: Feb 7, 2023


Dryer Exhaust Hose vented to the roof

Every dryer machine in US has exhaust hose behind it, mostly leading to somewhere outside of the house. Usually, but not always, if the dryer is located on the bottom floor or in the basement, the hose outlet would be somewhere on the side of the house and if the location of the dryer machine is on the top level, You would probably find the outlet on the roof or upper side part of Your house.

Dryer Exhaust Hose in the crawlspace

It's known, that the shorter Your dryer vent hose, the less chances You have for it to be clogged. When the dryer vent has lots of joints, shoulders and travels a long distance till it reaches the outside of Your house, the lint will find its way to get stuck inside. And then the lint deposit will start grow catching more of its kind every time You dry Your clothes.

At some point of time, the lint will completely block all the air flow and the moist air will be reverted back to Your dryer machine. That's a the moment, when You take clothes out of the dryer and the clothes are still wet.

The way every dryer machine works is that it's getting the moisture out of clothes and moving it to the exhaust out of the dryer. The heat in Your machine is the extracting tool and airflow is the transport for all the moisture. Some when Your transport (airflow) does not work properly, the cargo (moisture) is overloading the dock (dryer machine). You will notice that You have excessive heat in the laundry room and the machine will get extremely hot.

Another way to notice the problem is to check the outlet outside while Your dryer is on and see if there is a good steady airflow coming out. If You do not feel any air movement coming from the dryer vent outlet while You dryer machine is on, You got a clogged dryer hose.

You can visit our DRYER VENT CLEANING page to check how the dryer vent cleaning is done and what You should expect when our technician shows up at Your door.



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