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Benefect Botanical Disinfectant

  • Kills Over 99.99% of Germs
  • Virucidal (HIV-1)
  • Bactericidal (Including MRSA)
  • Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal
  • Made From Plant Extracts
  • No Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes or Bleach
  • No Cautions/Warnings on The Label or MSDS Sheets
  • No Rinse or Wipe Required


As a homeowner you should know that Benefect has been reviewed for safety, efficacy & environmental impact by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and therefore you can trust what the label says. Naturally, Benefect's botanical ingredients give it some distinct advantages.


In nature, plants produce germ-killing "essential oils" to protect themselves from invading microbes, similar to how our bodies produce antibodies for our protection against disease. Benefect is a revolutionary blend of these antimicrobal extracts, particularly from the herb Thyme. Traditional synthetic chemicals use quaternary ammonia or chlorine to kill germs, however, using the essential oils from plants allow Benefect to achieve an unprecedented toxicity rating. To put it simply, Benefect is a "plant immune system" in a bottle.


It is also suitable for use around children, pets, the elderly and chemically-sensitive individuals, so you can relax about chemical contamination, overspray & evacuating building occupants.


Benefect's botanical active ingridient is identified by the EPA as having no known adverse affects to human health or the environment. Benefect is classified with EPA's lowest toxicity rating category allowed by law for all routes of exposure which include: inhalation, ingestion, skin irritation, skin sensitization and eye irritation. 


Benefect surpasses the government's germ killing requirements for hospital disinfectants. The ingridients are categorized as GRAS (Genrerally Recognized As Safe) and as Direct Food Additives by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)


We can now use an alternative to chlorine, ammonia & oxidizers which isn't corrosive, flammable or reactive nor does it pose a public health risk. This means you don't need any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as: rubber gloves, boots, aprons, respirators or face shields to protect yourself from the product.


$185.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price
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