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Clean fireplace and happy people near it

Our Chimney Sweep has no restrictions and coveres brushing or whipping the entire length of the chimney. All the soot and creosote will be collected at the time of the cleaning. Visual inspection of the damper and the cap is a part of this service. 


Please review our Chimney Cleaning Options below the price and choose the one that is appropriate for your type of chimney and you can also choose your combination with dryer vent cleaning


  • STEP 1 BEFORE THE PURCHASE: If You have a timeline or due date for the service needed, please check our availability first by calling our Call Center at 732-372-0001. Please check our Cancellation Policy below as well, so there won't be any questions or misunderstandings. 


    You can buy multiple service within ONE order, but all these service will be redeemed within one service call. In case You intend to use different service at different times or in different houses, please purchase each services separately. Your purchase of our service could be used as a gift or used by anyone who will have order number assigned to You transaction, so make sure that Your order number is secure.


    STEP 2 DURING THE TRANSACTION: You will be asked for Your email address, this is where the ORDER NUMBER will be sent, in case You don't receive your order number, please call us at 732-372-0001 for assistance.


    STEP 3 CHECKOUT: Since You are buying the service, but not a product, your SHIPPING ADDRESS is just a formality and we do not want You to be confused, that something will be shipped to Your house. Your ORDER NUMBER will be emailed to you once the payment is processed. DELIVERY OPTION has been preset for FREE DELIVERY.


    STEP 4 AFTER PURCHASE: Please call or text us at 732-372-0001 to set up your cleaning and do not forget your ORDER NUMBER

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