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Dryer Vent Cleaning

It’s Always A Good Time for Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vents need to be cleaned out fairly often. If you don’t maintain your dryer vent, you are putting yourself at risk of a fire. Dryer lint is incredibly flammable, and it can cause clogged dryer vent issues quickly. Your clothes dryer vent cleaning should be on your maintenance list each year, at least.

Were you aware that clogged dryer vent issues are a significant cause of house fires? Approximately 3000 clothes dryer fires are reported every year. The property cost is in the millions of dollars.

Clothes dryer vent cleaning is vital to ensure the proper flow of air from the dryer as well. A clogged dryer vent will cause clothing to remain damp, dry cycles to take much longer, excess usage of electricity and gas, plus extra wear and tear on your clothes.

Clogs can also do damage to the vent itself. While we aren’t repairmen, we check for any damage when we clean out the vents and let you know if the line may need repair. Our team has cleaned some pretty crazy items out of dryer vents, like birds’ nests. We have also found more missing socks than you could imagine. Here are some ways to detect a clogged vent:

  • Your clothing is still covered in lint after drying.

  • Drying time is significantly longer than it used to be.

  • There is no lint being caught in the lint trap.

  • Clothing may be unusually hot when done.

  • The dryer top is hot to touch while in operation.

  • Your dryer keeps shutting down during the drying process.

Vents can accumulate so much debris that can cause reduced airflow from the dryer. Without periodic proper cleaning, the risk of fire or damage to the machine goes up exponentially. The costs associated with having your dryer vent cleaning done by professionals is significantly cheaper than having to rebuild or replace your laundry room or home. We can tackle that lint trap and make sure your fire risk is lowered considerably.

Dryer vents get filled up with lint, dander, dust, and several more contaminants every time you use your dryer. Proper cleaning of your lint trap inside the dryer is also crucial. After a thorough cleaning by ProClean NJ Inc., your dryer will be running more smoothly, loads will be done quicker, and your home will be safer from an accidental fire. Schedule a cleaning with us, and we will make sure your vents are clean and safe from fire risk.

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