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Coronavirus Update - Helping keep your home safe during this time of concern

Dear Customer, The news these days is filled with concerns related to the coronavirus. Please rest assured we are doing our part to ensure your safety by taking the appropriate precautions for every cleaning while increasing focus on disinfecting your home and business. We have spoken with the New Jersey Department of Health, ISSA, and ACI in to ensure our procedures provide proper disinfecting for homes and public areas. All our staff are under strict guidelines set down by health authorities to prevent the spread of viruses and exposure to them.

The CDC recommends disinfecting your home and business surfaces regularly and we would like to help. While providing you with the comfort that the people entering your home and business are taking all needed precautions to alleviate your concerns. CDC - Workplace, School, and Home Guide  (

Disinfecting and Preventive Measures Protective Equipment Our staff has been provided with protective equipment to avoid contact with surfaces throughout homes and businesses. GLOVES (Nitrile or Latex) – REQUIRED SHOE COVERS – UPON REQUEST OF CUSTOMER MASK (N95) – UPON REQUEST OF CUSTOMER Disinfecting BETWEEN HOMES: Our general policy is to disinfect all equipment between homes, but this is especially important today. Therefore, we have enacted a new policy requiring all equipment be cleaned with our peroxide disinfectant then placed into a bucket with a concentrated hospital grade disinfectant for 5 minutes (EPA Contact Time Requirement: 2 Minutes).

YOUR HOME: Our general policy is to use a non-toxic and eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner for most of your home. This policy hasn’t been changed but we have added a non-toxic disinfectant (Simple Green – D Pro 5 - to the solution to ensure that surfaces are disinfected (effective against coronavirus types). Employees: Our cleaning staff are all employees, insured, and provided with paid sick leave. We require that all our staff be symptom free. If there are any signs of an employee being ill, they will be put on paid sick leave immediately to help assure we are doing our duty to help in this time of concern.

Customers: We ask that all customers with fever, cold, or flu in their homes text our mainline at (732) 372-0001 letting us know immediately before your appointment. If this is less than 24hrs before your appointment no cancelation fee will be placed but our system may had put a hold on the booking. This charge will be applied to your reschedule date or your next cleaning unless a refund is requested (refunds and holds may take 7 business days to be processed).

Sincerely, Your ProClean Team



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