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Air Duct Cleaning Methods of Agitation

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Reputable Company always uses agitation tools for the air duct cleaning, though there scam companies claiming they clean air duct with shop vacs and a smile. In this article, we would like to introduce some of the agitation methods used by our company.

There are 3 commonly used agitation tool:

1. Brushes

2. Compressed air activated whips

3. Air Guns or Blow Guns

All of these tools are inserted inside of Your air duct system, vents, cold air intakes and main trunk lines. The choice of the proper tool is always made by our technician and can vary from vent to return depending on the configuration and shape of the certain duct.

Brushes and Air Guns are usually used for the supply vents, these vents are usually round shape and round agitation tool (brush) is the best choice

Air Whips are the best for cold air intakes, since most of these intakes or returns are square or rectangular shape and air whip can properly remove the dust even in the toughest corners

Visit our AIR DUCT CLEANING page for more information

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