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ProClean's Loyalty Rewards

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

We launched our Loyalty Rewards Program! For many years we served Central New Jersey and cleaned thousands of dryer vents, air duct systems and chimneys. Now it is our time to say Thank You to all of our loyal customers who used our cleaning services for many years. Thank You for trusting us, Thank You for your reviews, Thank You for being our repeat customers. Many of you we already know personally and with many of you we became friends and you know that our goal is to keep our communities safe and clean.

So, this is how it works, we created a special Member Area on our website which is called Loyalty Rewards, where you can Sign Up and create your own personalized account. This Member Area will show you all your online orders and order numbers, you will be able to store your address, payment method and personal information there, the same Profile tool that you might already have on many other websites where you shop online. All your information is secure and private. You can sign up using your Google or Facebook account or with just traditional way, using your email and password.

Since we just launched it, we have only one reward coupon there and it is called "Free Dryer Vent Cleaning". There will be many more coupons to come, but in this post, we want to explain how exactly this reward program works.

Once you became a member of ProClean's Loyalty Rewards (which means you signed up), you will need to make a purchase of any service. Every purchase gives you 3 points and once you hit 10 points, you will be able to use your reward and apply your 10 points towards your next dryer vent cleaning purchase, which will give you $80 off, which gives you dryer vent cleaning for $0. The coupon works only for dryer vent cleaning service and your points can be applied only towards your dryer vent cleaning purchase.

Now, we know that you are thinking... it will take me forever to get to 10 points, I clean my dryer vent every year or two and I will need 4 cleanings done before I can use my points... well, yes and no. Technically yes, but practically.. here is an idea for you: We all live in townhouses, condos and single family houses surrounded by people, neighbors, friends etc. They all need dryer vent cleaning, no exception, and you can always pay for them or ask if they can give you their points. That's right, points could be transferred and there is no limitation on this. Another idea, what if you arrange a group of people, let's say 5 and do it all together. A group of 5 people will give you free dryer vent cleaning and you will have some points left. So, be creative and proactive, we encourage you and that would be beneficial for everybody, you get rewards, your friends will get clean dryer vents. Win-Win.

If you have any questions or need information about dryer vent cleaning, here are 2 link to our Dryer Vent Cleaning Page where we collected most common question from our customers and a link with information for Group Organizers


Some more details about our Loyalty Reward Program.

  • You can not get points for the previous cleanings, our rewards started March 13, 2023 and only from this moment you can collect your points

  • You have to have active membership on our website in order to collect points

  • It is necessary to buy our service online, you can not apply points to your account when you pay directly to our technician on site.

  • You can redeem points only when you purchase Dryer Vent Cleaning on our website, points can not be redeemed on-site by our technician. Below is the link to our Online Store and the link for more information on how to redeem points


We hope you will enjoy our new initiative and Thank You again for being our Loyal Customer

ProClean NJ Inc keeps the right to adjust points or restrict access to Loyalty Reward Program for any member.

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Niraj Patel
Niraj Patel
13 mar 2023

Pro clean provided good service. I would recommend for the service

Me gusta
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