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Best Dryer Exhaust Hose

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

It is important to choose the right dryer vent hose


Most of the dryer vent hoses are 4" in diameter, that is matching the size of the dryer machine outlet. On the picture above, You can see 4 types of dryer vent hoses commonly used all around United States and New Jersey particularly.

Hose # 1 shows white plastic dryer vent hose which the Your worst choice if You are in the market for the dryer vent hose. Actually, in some states this hoses are illegal. It is very easy for the lint to get stuck inside of this type of hose, the hose is flammable and could catch fire, it is not as heat resistant as other materials. Also, it is hard to install this plastic hose.

Hose # 2 shows a sheet metal duct which is not a best choice of the product. It's not flexible, so You can install it only if Your dryer vent has a straight run to the outside, which is not usually a case. You can use this type of duct on the attic or crawl space, but still there will be lots of additional parts needed, such as joints and connectors.

Hose # 3 is our Top Pick, the real winner of this contest. It's fire and corrosion resistant, very flexible and use its coil type structure to shorten or extend it for the desirable length. It's easy to install and it will fit even in a very tight space. It does not collect lint as much as other hoses and this duct is very durable. The price is affordable and You can find in your local Home Depot.

Hose # 4 is made of made of aluminum and we recommend to use it only if You are not able to find Hose # 3. There are several problems related to this hose, it is not very flexible and even if You manage to stretch it, it's almost impossible to get it back to it's original shape. Second problem is that it's very easy to damage or puncture it, which makes installation a challenge. Even the clamp can make a small hole in it. Although it is heat and corrosion resistant

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