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Choosing The Right Air Duct Cleaning Company

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

There are many websites that offer a help with choosing the right company for the job, in our case, air duct cleaning company. So, based on what we experienced with several of these websites, we want to make some recommendations. Of course, our company is the leader in Central New Jersey for the air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning service, we've been in business for awhile and know how to do the job right, that is why we have 85% return rate of our clients, which is a lot, but if You live outside of our coverage area, here are some tips:

1. Groupon - we would not recommend this website, they are forcing companies to provide low-price deals, just because of the fact, that there are already many companies on Groupon providing these types of deals, so in order to sell big and make money, provider is forced to offer a low price and then once they get into the house, they have to start upselling. Also, Groupon is making money on percentage basis, they take from 40% to 60% of the purchase price and that leads the companies to another solution on how to make money. Provider lowers the price to a ridiculous $15 -$25 deal claiming it's the entire house package, so provider gives less money to Groupon and pushes even harder with sales on customer. Groupon is claiming that they monitor customer satisfaction rating and if the company has a low rating, Groupon will kick the deal out. Obviously, the company with aggressive and pushy sales technique will have a low customer satisfaction rating. So, these providers decided to open one-day companies and offer deals on behalf of of these companies. So, behind 20-30 daily air duct cleaning deals on Groupon, it's usually 1 or 2 real people-company. Almost all the companies on Groupon, Living Social and similar type websites are scamming their customer, almost all of them dishonest with only rip-off in mind.

2. Angie's List - This is a much better website to pick the right company for the air duct cleaning, but it has it flaws. If You browsing Angie's List there is a good chance to find a reputable company, since they mostly have accurate and true reviews, but the Big Deal Offer might be tricky. In the recent years, Angie's list changed its way of advertising Big Deals, where every company could choose the price range and the scope of the work and they started to implement almost the same rules as Groupon to their Big Deal Offers. So the prices went down along with the quality of the job. Angie's List is not very strict with background check of the companies and staff, they usually require just the owner's background check. But, recently, Angie's List was bought by a competitor - Home Advisor (aka Service Magic) which is also a key player on the market. Let's see what changes Home Advisor will bring to Angie's List and then we will update this paragraph...

3. Amazon Home Services -  Amazon just recently introduced this Home Services Platform for their customers, we tried it and we did not like. Not because there is something bad there, it's just their are changing the way this platform operates almost every two months, finding new ways for the improvement of customer experience, but Amazon is making it more and more complicated, it's new rules and regulations every time. They have a very good background check system for the providers (us), they check every technician who is doing the job and that is good. We liked the way they started, it was simple, easy to communicate with customers and easy to fullfill orders. Maybe, Amazon will decide to come back to this approach again, at least we hope. As for the prices, they have ready to sell packages and we (providers) can not opt-in or out services, providers can only control prices for these arrange service packages which maybe be good, but it's too early to tell, we will keep You posted

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