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HOA Certificate & Requirements

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

We are always asked if we provide HOA certificate for the dryer vent cleaning and is it free or not? So, for the people who live in a single family house that might sound strange, but people who live in townhouses or apartment complexes all across Central New Jersey are familiar with these requirements from HOAs (Home Owner's Association). HOA's what to prevent any potential fire hazard at the property they manage and they send letters to homeowners or tenants demanding to clean the dryer vent or chimney by a certain timeline.

So, our answers to the question in the beginning is "Yes", we do provide cleaning certificates on every job and it is absolutely free. If here that someone is trying to charge for this certificate from any other company or even sell

it to You without looking at the dryer vent, please report these individuals or company to police. It's very important to keep You dryer vent cleaned and it's not only for your safety, but for the safety of your neighbors as the fire may damage their house or apartment.

Now, based on our experience, HOAs have different approach to dryer vent cleaning requirements. Some of them send letters and ask tenants to get the dryer vent cleaned by a certain timeline, find any company who does dryer vent cleaning and pay for the service, others send a list of companies already pre-approved by the HOA board and You can use providers only from that list still paying for the service yourself. Some HOA's decide that they will cover the cost of the cleaning and in that case they work directly with us (providers), they arrange the dates for the cleaning and schedule.

Sometimes, HOA may have a certain requirement for the provider, such as general liability insurance or worker's compensation insurance or BBB accreditation etc. In case that want tenant or homeowner to hire a company for the dryer vent cleaning, it will be tenant's or homeowner's responsibility to check all these special requirements and check if the provider meets them. In other cases, HOA screens providers before it recommends it to homeowners.

In any case, if You live in Central New Jersey and within our coverage area, our company will be the best choice for You. First, we meet all the standards and requirements from most HOAs (general liability and worker's comp insurances, accreditations etc.), Second, we have outstanding quality control and 90 days warranty for the dryer vent cleaning service, Third and the last, our price is always real flat price, with no gimmicks or bait and switches, such a fine prints like this "Starts..." "Up to..." "Regular Size Line...". Check our current special for the dryer vent cleaning here, on our website in the section "Buy Online"

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